iPods! Within just 10 years we have advanced from walkmans- each CD holding around 20 tracks, to MP3 players with obscene amounts of storage, Apple has recently released the new “iPod Classic” which is available in the 160GB model, this is 40,000 songs, or a pile of CD’s as high as the Apple headquarters….. probably. But who in the world actually has 40,000 songs? This raises the question- is there even 40,000 songs in existance? And if all 40,000 songs were purchased from the Apple Music Store, this would cost over £20,000 ($35-40,000). A part of me really regrets buying my iPod, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I got it, but I cringe when I think of where my precious money’s ended up- straight up Steve Jobb’s ass, that’s where!

iPod’s do indeed have a certain something, so clean, sleak, and stylish, with a very ergonomic interface. But they are almost too perfect, sitting there perfectly and staring back at me with their perfect LCD screen and perfect little clickwheel. I’m not saying I hate my iPod, but a part of me really just wants to chuck it out the window.

Now I shall begin listing the iPod’s endless unseen faults and annoyances. For a start the iTunes music store, you really don’t get your money’s worth spending 79p (they’re 99c in US i think.) on a song. You paid for one, so you can only have it on one iPod. So if you buy a song and want to share it with your brother, sister, girlfriend, cousin, or whoever, you have to pay for it… again. But if you buy the song on a CD you can share it with as many people as you like. Sounds a bit fishy to me. Now, iPod’s have a reputation for breaking, and let me tell you this- they do. I have heard countless tales of iPod’s ending up at the bottom of a drawer. If it does break, you can send it to Apple and they will fix it for you. Expect it to get lost in the post or in Apple’s pockets. You ain’t seeing your precious again. iTunes- the most annoying program ever made, probably. I really really hate this little shit of a program. Since getting my iPod and iTunes i have had no fewer than eleven bluescreens as a result, uninstalled iTunes, never seen a bluescreen since. Now, I know this is not a common occurance but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s because I’m using Windows Vista- Mac OSX’s arch enemy. I suspect some smartass at Apple purposely made it incompatible with Vista, I’m sure Steve gave him a promotion. Now for the final ultimate annoyance in the history of iPod’s, and this one’s completely absolutely positively just because Apple can. Ok, so you’ve just put a text file on your iPod to view on the train or something, perhaps an EBook, or just a little personal reminder. You open it up, scroll down with the perfect little clickwheel, and low and behold the text just stops after a while. Why is this? It’s because Apple purposely limit the amount of characters displayed- come on it’s not like there isn’t enough hard disk space, it is purely Apple being total and utter bastards.

So why is the iPod so successful? Well, Apple designed the iTunes software and the iPod itself for idiots, and they marketed it for the widest target audience possible, which incidently are the idiots. And that, my friend, is why the iPod is so successful.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend some time with my iPod.



~ by threeminutethoughts on December 4, 2007.

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